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Walking for Fitness

Did you know that May is National Walking Month? The month is to encourage people to walk at least 20 minutes a day, every day in May because as we know, walking is a fantastic way to keep active and maintain a healthy heart.  

However, could a daily walk be even better for our health than we thought? Scientists have recently discovered some remarkable benefits — several new studies show that walking not only blasts fat, but also boosts longevity and has a dramatic anti-ageing effect on the body. The health benefits of daily walking, showed that walkers who adopt a quick pace can have a biological age 15 years younger than those who take their time.

As well as the physical effects, walking can also benefit your mental health. Regular walks can reduce stress, and improve your mood and even your quality of sleep. 

The longer and more frequently you walk, the more benefits you’ll see. Increasing your walking speed over time will also help improve your fitness, as fast walking is an aerobic activity that looks after your heart while burning calories.

Plus, did you know that treadmills offer advantages over walking outside? Apart from not getting wet in the rain! It is much easier to track your progress on a treadmill. You have the numbers right in front of you in terms of distance, time, and incline, all of which you can adjust yourself. This ability to track progress is huge for many people. It’s easier to set goals and see how you’re improving, both of which will continue to motivate you to keep walking and build habits.

Our treadmills have lots of different workouts which will help you stay motivated and on track.  You can even watch your favourite film or TV series whilst you walk! Simply sign in to your Netflix or streaming account and enjoy on your treadmill screen. Walking on a treadmill works several parts of your body, including your ankles, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core, and, if you swing your arms, it works your upper body too. For longer treadmill workouts, set the incline at a moderate level (2 to 3%). For a quick walk, go even steeper, which will fire up your metabolism and work your legs even more.

Health benefits of walking

  • Regularly taking a brisk walk can provide a range of health benefits, many of which are the same or similar to more intense forms of exercise.
  • Boost your energy levels 
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness 
  • Improve your muscle endurance 
  • Loose body fat and maintain a healthy weight 
  • Prevent or manage health conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes 
  • Strengthen your immune system

So lace up your shoes and take up the challenge of walking 20 minutes every day this month (and beyond).

See you next week and see you at the Club soon!


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