About Us

The China Fleet Country Club enterprise comprises of 2 separate elements:

The China Fleet Trust

A military charity whose origins stem from the original China Fleet Club in Hong Kong. The Trust owns the entirety of the enterprise and has a mixture of current serving Royal Navy and business professionals, headed by the Chairman of the Trustees and has one permanent member of staff on site, the Chief Executive Officer.

The China Fleet Country Club Limited

operate the enterprise on behalf of the Trust under license and in accordance with an Operating Agreement. The Company is headed by a Managing Director, and it employs over 200 staff, who are managed by 5 company directors.

Our History

From where we started, to where we are today.

The Charitable Objects

of the enterprise are for the public benefit the promotion of the efficiency and welfare of the Armed Forces by means of the provision to the Specified Class (as defined in the Charity’s Articles of Association) of recreational and other leisure time facilities.

Our Beneficiaries; are all serving Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Royal Navy / Royal Marines Reserve Forces personnel as well as their immediate family. Army and RAF personnel embedded within Royal Navy units are also considered to be beneficiaries of the Charity. A second beneficiary category exists for all Royal Navy veterans.

The Club is for the use of the Charity’s beneficiaries, with excess capacity being used by civilian members and the general public.

Company Aim

To create memorable experiences and improve wellbeing.

Core Values


We Work As A Team


We Take Pride


We Provide Exceptional Customer Service


We Create Memories


We Are One Team


We Wow Our Customers

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We Go The Extra Mile