Gym Saltash Cornwall - China Fleet Country Club
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Train, tone up or improve your health

The Gym

Getting Started

Achieve your goals

We are very proud of our gym in Saltash, Cornwall, near Plymouth, Devon. Once you become a member, we aim to make you feel welcome, whether you are looking to tone up, improve your health, or train for an event, all the equipment and experts you need to help you achieve your goal are here for you.

Before you start in the gym one of our qualified instructors will give you a FREE gym journey of your choice. 

Available to members & hotel guests 

Life Fitness on Demand

Digital classes

Immerse in a digital class environment, whenever you want.

With a library of on-screen classes designed to appeal to all exercisers, from beginner walks to endurance climbs. Available on all treadmills, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, PowerMills, and Arc Trainers.

Allowing you to choose exactly when and how you want to work out!


Machines & free weights

An array of CV equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Vertical Rope, Battle Rope, Core Bags & Machine Lift Fitness Tables, perfect for functional training.

Large free weight area, including a range of dumbbells up to 44kg, barbells, medicine balls, cable machines, kettlebells and more, you have the opportunity to train your body using techniques that you use in normal day to day life.

Boditrax Equipment

Understand your body

An amazingly clever machine that assesses your body, quickly delivering 14 different measurements, including your ideal weight, your BMI and your metabolic age, as well as your fat and muscle mass.
Please note this is not available to anyone fitted with an electronic device i.e. Pace Maker

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Personal Training & Sports Therapy

Reach your goals

Move closer to achieving your goals by talking to one of our highly qualified personal trainers.

Speak to our highly qualified sports therapist to find out more about how he can help you prevent injury when training.

Enquire about a membership that suits you.