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Stronger, Leaner Abs, Protein Smoothies & Everyday Habits You Need!

Hello, Debbie here and welcome to the September edition of your monthly Live. Better blog!

I can’t believe we are in September already! If you feel a renewed sense of motivation after the long Summer holidays, you’re not alone. Apparently there is evidence that “September is the new January” when it comes to setting goals. In fact, studies found that enrolment in exercise classes and weight loss programs rises in September, along with online searches about career development too. It’s a time for fresh starts and lots of new intentions.

On September 1st there will be exactly 122 days left until the end of 2022. That’s just 4 months to press the reset button and reach your new health and fitness goals! So, set yourself a September Resolution or two and get moving!


Build a stronger, leaner core with hanging knee raises.

The Roman Chair – also known as Knee Raises, Vertical Knee Raise and Captains Chair is one of the best exercises for strong abs. You can find ours just inside the doors on the left hand side of our Gym.

The chair uses some of the same muscles you use in hanging leg raises, but with a soft back it supports your back, making it a little more user-friendly for most people and helps ensure you have the correct position.

Knee Raises are a great abdominal exercise to put your lower abs to work. As long as you perform it efficiently with a proper form.

Step 1

Position yourself on the Roman Chair, back against the pad and arms holding your body up by resting on the parallel bars with your feet resting on the foot supports.

Step 2

Take your feet off the support, allowing your legs to dangle. Breath in and then slowly bend your knees and lift them toward your chest while exhaling. 

Bring your knees up until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Tighten your abs as you go and don’t let your legs drop. 

Step 3

Slowly return your legs to the original starting position, while inhaling at the same time.


If you find this exercise too difficult to start with, try a slightly easier version where you bring your knees up only to the level of your hips. Or bring up one knee at the time.

Common Mistakes

Letting Legs Drop

Don’t drop your legs fully or you will lose the benefits of the exercise. Instead, slowly return them to the starting position.

Using Momentum

Don’t do this exercise fast or swing your legs up and down as that will use momentum rather than your muscles and you will not benefit as much.

Further Help

Please ask one of our experienced Gym Instructors if you would like to see how to do this exercise or how to add variations to the exercise.


If you’re trying to find ways to introduce more protein into your daily diet, this high-protein smoothie is the perfect protein punch. Plus with just 5 ingredients, it’s quick and simple too – even I can make it!

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie

Servings: 4 servings

Prep time: 5minutes

Calories: 335kcal


2 bananas (cut  into chunks, the riper the better)

2 cups milk*

3 tablespoons of peanut butter (or any nut butter)

1 tablespoon honey  (or to taste)

2 cups ice cubes

*Need a non-dairy option? You can substitute the milk for almond milk, or any non-dairy milk.

You can also add ½ scoop of  protein powder to up the protein even further.


Simply place all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 30 seconds, or until smooth.

Then simply enjoy!


The Everyday Habits You Need To Boost Wellbeing.

‘Yes, we are supposed to exercise regularly and eat well to help keep ourselves healthy, but if we’re not enjoying the workouts or other wellness practices, we’re unlikely to stick to them. Here, we look at different self-care habits to help sprinkle some more joy into the day-to-day.’

5 minute read: Everyday Habits You Need by Health & Wellbeing Magazine.

See you next month for more health news, stories and tips that inspire healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy lives.

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