Mitchel Hosking – Personal Trainer

‘I offer a wide variety of sessions to help motivate, guide and supervise your journey to success. I have a wealth of knowledge on health, training and nutrition, gathered from completing my degree. I strive to utilise these skills for you to attain the goals you have set.’

Mobile: 07791446644
Email: mitchelhoskingfitness@gmail.com

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Ben Harris – Personal Trainer

‘Your success is my priority. I aim to help individuals, who have a goal within health and fitness but are unclear on how to get to the destination. I will utilise my expertise, to help accommodate you on your journey in any way I can, with all my services being tailored to the individual’s needs. Understanding and utilising the equipment we have in the gym can be paramount to your success’

Mobile: 07479081743
Email: benharriscoaching@gmail.com

Fiona Green – Personal Trainer

‘Not achieving your goals? Not seeing results? Tired of the same old routines? Not pushing yourself hard enough? Lack confidence? Need guidance and motivation? I can help you with that.
If you want support in shaping your life for the better my services are available to assist you to reach your potential. Training sessions will have such an impact on you that bad habits will be no more and will be replaced with healthier ones.  There are no winners or losers, there are only choosers that get up and get involved. Be part of the Refine Fitness experience and book in for a taster session, you won’t regret it!’

Mobile: 07983756632
Email: refinefitnessandnutrition@gmail.com

Matt Caves – Sports Therapy

‘Since acquiring my BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy, it has been my goal to assist my clients in recovering from injury and to try and keep their body as healthy and mobile as possible. I look to do this in a variety of ways, such as deep tissue massage, medical acupuncture and taping.’

Mobile: 07966558813
Email: mattcaves@yahoo.co.uk