Meet Our Team

We all have goals in mind when joining the gym and it's no secret that it takes continued motivation to achieve them. A personal trainer will give you the drive, enthusiasm and routine you need to reach your targets. It has been proven that exercising one-on-one with a qualified personal trainer gets faster, safer and more effective results than exercising on your own!
We have a number of self employed, professional personal trainers, all on the Register of Exercise Professional's, here to help you achieve your goals through motivation, utilising new equipment and new exercises you might not of thought of!

Dean Burchell – PT

‘After 14 years in the Royal Marines I have built up a solid client base. I am experienced in working with people who have varying fitness levels , goals and injuries meaning I can adapt sessions and nutrition plans to meet individual needs.’

Mitchel Hosking – PT

‘I offer a wide variety of sessions to help motivate, guide and supervise your journey to success. I have a wealth of knowledge on health, training and nutrition, gathered from completing my degree I strive to utilise these skills for you to attain the goals you have set.’

Pete Styring – PT

‘I am here to equip you with the knowledge, motivation and support to achieve your goals and change your life.’



Ryan Conroy – PT

‘It is my passion and commitment to offer you a bespoke service. My approach and mindset to personal training is unique. I am able to offer you the full package, which includes guidance on recovery, nutrition and most importantly your mental approach to both training and life’

Matt Caves – Sport Therapy

‘Since acquiring my BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy in 2014, it has been my goal to assist my clients in recovering from injuries and to try and keep their body as healthy and mobile as possible. I look to do this in a variety of ways such as deep tissue massage, medical acupuncture and taping.’