Get Started

15 minute induction

For those of you who are regular gym users. A brief introduction to the gym, allowing you to familiarise yourself with our equipment. You will be shown our Health Commitment Statement (HSC), hydration stations, Life Fitness consoles and the safe way to use any equipment relevant to you.

Get Healthy

30 minutes on our Boditrax

This session is a great starting point to any health & fitness journey and can help you monitor your improvement over the weeks and months to come. This is a non invasive test where we will talk you through your results. We will explain the App and how you can download it and look at your results at your own leisure, whilst making you aware of the pre-use parameters. This test / machine is not available to anyone fitted with electronic devices i.e. Pace Maker.

Get Active

60 minute programme

Increase your confidence in the gym and introduce correct exercise techniques. This journey is suitable for anyone new or old to the gym, looking for support and guidance from our qualified instructors. Within this session you will have a 1 to 1 with an instructor, who will need to know any medical condition, goals, equipment likes / dislikes and will then design a programme tailored for yourself. They will demonstrate every exercise they have placed on your programme card and show you where you can locate it on your next visit.

Get Reviewed

30 minute review of your progression to date

This is the ideal opportunity to further improve your exercise achievements by progressing your exercise programme. It is essential to challenge yourself both physically and mentally by varying your exercise pattern. Take this opportunity to speak with one of our qualified instructors to move you on to the next step of your exercise journey.