Get Started

15 minute induction
A brief introduction to the gym, for those of you who are regular gym users to familiarise you with our facility equipment. You will be shown our Health Commitment Statement (HSC), hydration stations, life fitness consoles and the set up for any equipment relevant to you.

Get Healthy

30 minute on our Boditrax
This session is a great starting point to any health & fitness journey and can help you monitor your improvement over the weeks and months. This is a non invasive test where we will talk you through your results. We will explain the App and how you can download it and look at your results at your own leisure, whilst making you aware of the pre-test parameters.


Get Fit

30 Minute CV equipment
This session looks at introducing you to the majority of our CV equipment, going through the console operation, coaching / safety points and posture/ technique. We will also delve into our Apps for our Life Fitness equipment, and Concept 2 rowers so that you get the full benefit of what we offer. 

Get Techno

30 minute introduction of the Skillmill & Skillrow
In this session you will be fully educated on our 4 pieces of techno gym equipment. You will be shown the console operation, resistance settings, techniques and Apps. This equipment is designed to challenge you in a manner you are unaccustomed and to give you an amazing workout. 

Get Functional

30 minute introduction to numerous functional exercises 
During this session you will be introduced to the Core Bags, Kettlebells, TRX Bands, Slam Balls and Medicine Balls. You will be shown several exercises, using these different pieces of equipment and also taught the correct technique/positioning.

Get Strong

30 minute free weights and strength machines  Whether you’re looking to build muscle, tone up or just get a little stronger, this session is a great insight into the various exercises that can be done. You will be shown the correct techniques/teaching points and also told what muscles groups are being utilized. If this session really suits you, then book in to Get Active and have a tailored plan made just for you.

Get Core

30 minute Core Exercises
During this session you will be introduced to our various different core apparatus such as, Decline Ab Bench, Swiss Balls, Roman Chair, etc. You will be shown some of the basic core exercises that can be performed anywhere, not just in the gym and we will give you all the coaching points.

Get On Your Bike

30 minute IC7 Bikes
IC7 bikes are unlike any other and with the Train by Colour mode, they are a lot of fun whilst working you extremely hard. You will be introduced to the console, which includes our FTP test (Functional Threshold Power), how to set up the bike, i.e. seat height and the handle bar height and finally the App, so that you can keep a log of how well you’re doing.

Get Active

60 minute programme
This programme will increase your confidence in the gym and introduce correct exercise techniques. It is suitable for anyone new or old to the gym looking for support and guidance. Within this session you will have a 1 to 1 with an instructor who will need to know any medical conditions, goals, equipment likes / dislikes and will design a programme tailored for yourself. They will demonstrate every exercise included in your programme card and show you where you can locate it on your next visit.