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Barn Spa

Beauty & Wellbeing

Treatments Choices

An indulgent range of treatments

Available in Saltash, Cornwall near Plymouth, Devon that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Your Face

Mylash Lift – add volume to your natural lashes £40.00 (patch test required)
Eyebrow Tint £10.00
Eyelash Tint £15.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint £23.00
Eyebrow Waxing £11.00
Lip Waxing £9.00
Chin Waxing £9.00
Back & Shoulder Wax from £24.00


Eyebrow Thread £11.00
Lip Thread £9.00
Chin Thread £9.00
Lip & Chin Thread £16.50
Full Face Thread £23.00

Made for Life Organics Facials

All treatments have been designed to create a sense of wellbeing for the body,
mind and emotions, using 100% organic ingredients.

Relax and Rejuvenate Uplifting Facial
An intricate acupressure inspired natural face lift, combing Aryvedic techniques and hypnotic para-sympathetic movements to give visibly improved skin texture and tone. Uplift your skin, mind and soul. 75 mins £75.00

Radiance Facial
Designed to eliminate congestion by returning and restoring natural luminosity to skin. Leaving you looking and feeling radiant. 60 mins £65.00

Head in Heaven
Combination of deep breathing exercises and massage techniques including
facial pressure point and back massage to ease tension and clear the mind. Providing
complete tranquillity and relaxation. 75mins £75.00

Mini Organic Facial (9-14 yrs)
A mini facial tailored to each child using our organic Made For Life products.
20 mins £22.00

Your Hands

Signature Manicure
Experience the quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with a relaxing massage and acupressure, includes nail and cuticle prep and paint £35.00

Pamper Manicure

Soothe, relax and indulge with the ultimate OPI ProSpa Pamper Manicure. The crème de la crème of manicures, you will benefit from exfoliation, and a moisturising masque, while revelling in a combination of massage techniques and acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension. £45.00

Mini Manicure or Pedicure (9-14 yrs)
Massage, shape and paint. (An adult must be present during treatment) £20.00

File and polish manicure using OPI Gel polish £28.00
OPI Gel removal and re-shape £10.00

Your Body

Bikini Line Waxing £15.00
Hollywood Bikini Wax £27.00
Brazilian Bikini Wax £23.00
Underarm Waxing £13.00
Half Leg Waxing £20.00
Full Leg Waxing £25.00
Half Leg and Bikini Line Waxing £30.00
Full Leg and Bikini Line Waxing £35.00

Massage Therapy

Holistic application of blended essential oils to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. Working through inhalation and massage application.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 25 mins £38.00 40 mins £48.00

Full Body Massage 55 mins £65.00

Hot Stone Massage
Experience the benefits of massage whilst using warm stones. Creating a balancing, meditative experience leaving you comforted, soothed and grounded.

Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 40 mins £58.00

Hot Stone Full Body Massage 60 mins £75.00

Indian Head Massage

A holistic therapy incorporating a relaxing massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders. The benefits include enhanced relaxation, improved circulation and help to relieve mental fatigue and stress. 25 mins £38.00

Made for Life Organics Massage

All treatments have been designed to create a sense of wellbeing for the body, mind and emotions, using 100% organic ingredients

Relax into Radiance
Feel completely invigorated yet relaxed, with head-to-toe exfoliation, leaving skin pristine and polished. Finished with a mini facial and head massage to clear and calm. 75 mins £75.00

Detox Body Treatment
Invigorate the senses including a stimulating body brush, body exfoliation and an invigorating body massage. 60 mins £65.00

Body Scrub
Using our luxurious body scrub combining two grades of sugar to exfoliate and remove dry skin, whilst Calendula petals provide a gentle smoothing body polish, leaving you feeling super soft and radiant. 45mins £50.00

Rose Indulgence Wrap
This luxurious wrap tones and softens the body with gentle skin brushing, using rich oils to hydrate and nourish skin. Completed with a soothing foot rub, facial cleanse and calming head massage. 70 mins £75.00

Pregnancy Pampering
Nurturing whole body massage, taking you into a completely relaxed world. Slow, smooth massage techniques are used to calm and alleviate any aches and pains, finishing with a relaxing facial leaving you feeling radiant and glowing. 70 mins £70.00

Your Feet

A natural therapy working on pressure points of the feet to treat the whole body 45 mins £50.00

Signature Pedicure
Using OPI ProSpa products to soak, exfoliate and smooth callused feet. The service is completed with a regime of massage and acupressure techniques to reduce stress and relieve tension. Includes nail and cuticle prep and paint £35.00

Pamper Pedicure

Soothe, relax and pamper with the ultimate pedicure experience. The OPI ProSpa Pamper Pedicure includes callus softening, exfoliation, and a moisturising masque. A massage combined with acupressure to reduce stress and relieve tension will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. £45.00

File and polish pedicure using OPI Gel polish £28.00


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