Aqua Spa

Indulge yourself in our Aqua Spa, in Saltash, Cornwall near Plymouth, Devon, the ultimate place for relaxation with all the facilities you could need...

(Minimum age 16 years)

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The Aqua Spa is included in all Health Club Membership.
Non Members can pay
£20.00* per person
to visit the Aqua Spa
(2 hour session)
Please read our T&Cs here before booking

Become a Health Club Member within 30 days of your visit and get the cost of your Aqua Spa visit off the total price of your membership*.

*(not in conjunction with any other offer. T&Cs apply)

Experience Showers

Caribbean Storm Shower, this shower is the perfect way to cool down or rinse off between heat treatments. Offering either tropical warmth, arctic cool or refreshing mist at the push of a button, further enhanced with the infusion of aromatherapy oils whilst you shower. 
Cold Shower, this provides the alternative for those wishing for a cold experiences, enjoy a Cold Sheet, Rain or Deluge of water.


Designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Roman sauna with heated walls and seats, this allows for a gradual increase in your core temperature resulting in the purifying and detoxification process of the body.
Enjoy the gentle relaxing music, fibre optic lighting and aroma essence infused into the room, the perfect place to start your journey.
Enjoy this facility for 20 minutes, follow this with a cool or cold shower experience.

Finnish Sauna

Experience the health benefits of raising defences against infection and strengthening the immune system. 
This is created by the enhanced blood circulation, relaxation of the muscles to assist in muscle and ligament related problems.
It can also have a positive effect on those suffering with varicose veins when subsequent cold showers are included in the experience.

Foot Spas

Tiled seating and a fully automated spa system with air blowers allows the perfect foot therapy.

Tepidarium Loungers

Lay on the contoured heated ceramic loungers designed to achieve deep relaxation.

Salt Steam Room

The lower temperature and the salt inhalation injection system, creates air reminiscent to that experienced of walking by a tropical beach.
In addition to the health benefits and the cleansing of the skin, the additional aroma essence provides the perfect environment for those who wish to relax in this area for longer, or for those with more sensitive skin.

Aroma Steam Room

This has a more traditional feel, incorporating exotic essence mingling with a gentle flow of steam, complemented with colour mood lighting.
The combination of high humidity and radiant heat invigorates the skin, respiratory and circulatory system.

Spa Pool

A unique water experience with multiple floor, seat and side mounted jets to ensure a constant water flow and provide the perfect weightless massage, the ideal way to warm and relax those muscles.

Ice Chute

Ice flakes fall into and collect in a sculptured bowl. You can enjoy the wonderful stimulating tingling on your skin by rubbing these onto your heated body. 
This unique refreshing experience stimulates the circulation and can help with cellulite.