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My fascination with changing pain the holistic way began when I learned how truly connected the mind and body were to each other. As a former paramedic and Emergency Care Practitioner I never really appreciated this connection until I trained and qualified in it and since this time have been changing clients pain, dysfunction, scars and mindsets with great success.
So what therapies do I use as a holistic body and mind worker? I use a number of standalone therapies in clinic and on occasions a combination of a few, it all depends on your needs.

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All treatments are 45 – 60 minutes duration depending on your needs at £45 per treatment – 3 for 2 treatment offer for all new clients. 

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Bowen Therapy

Using Tom Bowen’s world wide, incredibly well reputed and successful hands on soft tissue treatment for addressing all of you physical pains and structural dysfunctions.

Scar Work

Using both Sharon Wheeler’s Scar Work and Alastair Mcloughlin’s Scar Therapy Release work, both of which are worldwide recognised and incredibly successful in treating the physical and emotional pain, dysfunction, feel and appearance of your scars.

Exercise and Rehabilitation

Using an individually tailored exercise and stretch regime prescribed to you to enhance your functional movement following Bowen or Scar Work treatments.

Kinesio Taping

An individually prescribed taping technique that aids recovery and rehabilitation from injury particularly sports related.




Behavioural Change Therapy

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and the Hudson Mind Process to help change your patterned behaviours and underlying beliefs of your problem and helping you to become a more forward moving, functional person.