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Dermalogica is a state-of-the-art system based on the latest information about skin care and is free from comedogenic or allergy causing ingredients

Price List

Made for Life Organics Relax and Rejuvenate Uplifting Facial

An intricate acupunture inspired natural face lift, combing Aryvedic techniques and hypnotic para-sympathetic movements to give visibly improved skin texture and tone. Uplift your skin, mind and soul.

Made for Life Organics Radiance Facial

Designed to eliminate congestion by returning and restoring natural luminosity to skin. Leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

ProSkin 30

A complete signature treatment. Maximum results for targeted concerns.

ProSkin 60 

The ultimate skin treatment which is different every time. A bespoke 60 minute customised skin treatment with advanced product, techniques and technology in a sensory environment.

Powered Up Treatment

Action-packed treatment combines ionactive and bio peel technology to optimise product penetration for rapid results. Helps signs of skin ageing , uneven skin tone, acne and dehydration.