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St Tropez Spray Tan

Designed to give you a golden glow which will continue to develop over 4-8 hours to give you a tan that will last for days

Massage Therapy

Holistic application of blended essential oils to improve physical and emotional well being. Working through inhalation and massage application.

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the benefits of massage whilst using warm stones. Creating a balancing, meditative experience leaving you comforted, soothed and grounded.

Indian Head Massage

A holistic therapy incorporating a relaxing massage of the head, face, neck, shoulders, back and arms. The benefits include enhanced relaxation, improved circulation and help to relieve mental fatigue and stress.

Body Mind Bowen

Contemporary form of holistic, therapeutic bodywork with potential to restore a better functioning you. Work through managing your pain, reducing the risk of injuring and improving your sense of well being.

Sports Therapy

Specifically focusing on the maintenance of performance levels, injury prevention and rehabilitation for individuals involved in sport and exercise.