Up to 18 years

We all know keeping the kids active helps to grow strong bones, maintain a healthy weight and discover the world around them. Best of all, it’s great fun.
All children should be physically active for at least an hour a day. Encourage your child to find activities they enjoy and build physical activity into your family life.

Add your child to your membership, and they can enjoy…

Junior Gym

11-13 years
(supervised session)
Designed to challenge and motivate your kids.
From 14 years they can visit the gym unaccompanied.

Junior Squash

7-15 years
(supervised session)
Let your kids learn a fantastic sport and develop new skills.
Designed for all abilities. 
(Available September – April)

Junior Cycle

11-15 years
(supervised session)
Get your kids on our bikes and cycle to faraway places in our virtual classes.

Kids Club

5-10 years

Let your little ones enjoy 60 minutes of active fun in the sports hall, followed by 45 minutes of splashing about in the swimming pool.

(Term-time only)

Swimming Pool

8+ years
From 8 years kids can visit the pool unaccompanied by an adult.

Full of fun features including water cannons, spray cannons, bubble features, playmats and exhilarating flume.

Enjoy the twists and turns of the flume. Time yourself using the timer, recording the best ride time so you can race against the clock and your friends!
Start your ride with the traffic light system at the top of the flume, allowing for safety along with fun.

Learn To Swim*

3+ years

We run very successful swimming lessons, with group and one-to-one lessons available.

Our highly qualified instructors will have you swimming in no time!

Contact Heather Taylor heathert@china-fleet.co.uk to arrange a FREE swimming assessment to determine what stage your child is at.

*Additional cost

Racquet Sports

8+ years

From 8 years kids can enjoy Tennis, Badminton & Squash unaccompanied by an adult, all are great games for improving confidence and coordination skills.

Fitness Classes

16+ years

Led by highly qualified, experienced instructors who will motivate and direct you through the class. 
With over 100 weekly classes to choose from, including the world-famous, Les Mills workouts.
A great, motivational and fun way to stay active!


5-15 years
(supervised sessions)
A great, fun way to keep your kids active.
Let them bounce their way through our term-time course with our qualified instructors.
*Additional cost

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