Manicures & Pedicures

File & Re-Varnish 20mins £10.50

Fast Fix Manicure 30mins £18.00

For those with little time, nails are shaped, cuticles pushed back and finished off with the application of the lacquer of your choice.

Shellac Nails/OPI Gels 45 mins £20.00

Soak off £5.00

Opi Spa Manicure 45mins £25.00

Nails are filed and excess cuticle growth removed using the Creative range of nail products. Nails are buffed to give a healthy shine and conditioned with solar oil. A hand and arm massage is then carried out using solar butter and a hydrating hand cream. Finally nails are varnished with a colour of your choice.

Re-Hydrating Paraffin Wax Manicure 60mins £33.00

All the benefits of the Spa Manicure with the addition of the deep moisturising effects achieved using this warm wax. This treatment nourishes and replenishes dry/dehydrated skin and can be soothing for Arthritis and Repetitive Strain Injury sufferers.

Opi Spa Pedicure 45mins £25.00

Feet are soaked in the Foot Spa to aid relaxation and help soften skin. Nails will be cut or filed as necessary and excess cuticle growth will be removed. Areas of dry or hard skin are treated with Beautiful Feet Scrub followed by a foot and lower leg massage. Finally, toes can be varnished with your choice of colour. Treatment cannot be completed if client has cuts, verrucas, etc.

Re-Hydrating Paraffin Wax Pedicure 60mins £33.00

Relaxing foot spa, nails and cuticles trimmed and tidied. Dry areas are exfoliated followed by a massage and then the application of the warm paraffin wax. The warmth soothes and relaxes muscles and joints. Very good for dry skin areas. (Please note, it is important to notify the receptionist if French Polish is required for Manicure or Pedicure treatment as an additional 15 minutes are required £3.00 charge)

Mini Princess (9-14Yrs) 20mins £12.00

Hand massage, shape & paint. This service does not include cuticle care. (An adult must be present whilst treatment is being applied.)

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