Visit The New Look Gym!

and personalise your workout
Having tried the new equipment it really is amazing and already proving popular. The new bikes really do feel like pedaling on the open road! Designed to reduce pressure on the knees and provide a comfortable ride, while also keeping me engaged, this is a real incentive as I am someone who does get bored of exercise easily and suffers with sore knees afterwards.

In addition to this, new dumbbells & rack, plates and free weight matting have been installed as well as new décor and flooring. Another exciting element of the new gym is how much technology is available.

The touch screens have internet connectivity, a huge range of channels including BT Sports, Sky Sports and Virtual courses. You can watch Netflix or You tube, play games or set workouts and fitness tests and link to your mobile phone and tablet. Through apps or via Bluetooth, you are able to track your exercises and link into the exclusive HALO fitness management app. With Halo, you can create workouts, track goals, schedule fitness classes and communicate with your trainer.

Also helping us on our fitness journey is the Boditrax equipment, free to use and easy to understand (which is a plus for me) I always get a little despondent when normal scales say I haven’t lost weight, this machine tells you your fat/muscle content and a lot more, besides proving that weight is just a number, how healthy you are from the inside out is what is important!

Join in August for only £50 per adult, £20 per child, saving up to £51 on Health Club membership. No annual contract, No joining fees, Under 6’s go FREE
Subsequent monthly subscriptions apply from September 2018

See you in the gym soon!