Take time to reduce your stress this April

Stress. Unfortunately, it’s a word many of us are all too fully aware of. Stress at work, exam stress, interview stress, emotional stress, physical stress. In fact, according to organisers of the Stress Management Society, 74% of the UK say they have felt ‘overwhelmed or unable to cope’ at some point in the past year. 81% of women said this compared to 67% of men.

Trying to help us with this overwhelming level of stress, the Stress Management Society have been running National Stress Awareness month every April since it first launched in 1992. With a team of experts and advice, they aim to increase public awareness about stress.

Stress Awareness Month kicks off with April Fool’s Day on the 1st, but stress really is no laughing matter. As well as affecting our bodies emotionally, being continually stressed also affects us physically too and can cause problems with the digestive system, skin complaints and frequent colds.

But the good news is that there is a lot you can do to help, as exercise has been proven to have dramatic effects on stress. All forms of exercise, from yoga to pumping iron can provide stress-relieving benefit. Even if you are not an athlete, a little regular activity can take you a long way in helping manage your stress levels.

Some of our favourite forms of exercises for stress relief…


Yoga is fantastic for health, wellbeing and flexibility and will also help you get into a more relaxed,  state of mind. Studies have shown that yoga reduces blood pressure too.


Pilates is a series of exercises that emphasizes body awareness, core strength and proper alignment. As well as also being relaxing for the mind, Pilates is known for reducing back and neck pain, another side effect of stress.


Swimming is a brilliant way to get in shape. Most people find that water is calming and relaxing, so it’s a great way to relieve stress at the same time as getting in some exercise.

Aerobic Exercise

Participating in aerobic activities such as running, spinning or cardio offer the benefit of an increased heart rate. When your heart rate goes up, your body will release an increased amount of endorphin which make you feel great. These activities help you to feel better both physically and mentally.

We have over 90 classes running throughout the week from Bodybalance (a mix of yoga moves with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates) to Body Attack and Indoor Cycling. For it to really work, whatever form of exercise you choose, it has to be something that you enjoy doing and want to do regularly!

See you next week & see you at the Club soon,


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