Matt Caves

“Due to my strong affinity to sport and fitness, I often see injuries occurring either in the gym, tennis courts or near enough anywhere. Many people think that they will just recover from the injury, however although the pain may disappear, it is likely due to your body compensating on the opposite side which can then cause further issues throughout your body in years to come. Despite the job title, I have also found that many of my clients don’t follow a particularly fitness-orientated lifestyle, however it is very easy for them to still pick up injuries through sitting for prolonged periods of time, manual handling or even household jobs, showing you do not need to be a sportsperson to need a sports therapist!

In short, as a Sports Therapist I look to maintain a persons performance level, whether competitively or recreational, while also being able to prevent and, where necessary, rehabilitate injuries. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.”

What I can offer:-

  • Assess and treat acute/ chronic musculoskeletal injuries and joint problems
  • Sport massage / deep tissue
  • Injury prevention strategies/ advice
  • Taping and strapping
  • Pre/ post event massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Rehabilitation

45 minute massage/consultation : £35

30 minute massage/follow up :  £30

Kinesio tape application : £5

Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture is a western extension of trigger point therapy rather than traditional Chinese acupuncture. This effectively means that the acupuncture works within the belly of the muscle rather than within joints. However it is not always the site of injury where the needling is performed, as trigger points are areas within the muscle which can send referred pain to other parts of the body. An example of this is getting pain or tingling in your hand, where in fact the problem area is up around the neck instead. Medical acupuncture is subtle and relatively pain-free compared to deep tissue massage and can be a very effective way to treat injuries for people with negative perceptions of massage.

I have suffered with painful knees whilst running for many years.  My wife recommended Matt.  I was really impressed, especially with the clear explanation Matt gave.  I have just had the most enjoyable and painless run for years, and can’t thank Matt enough.’

‘After injuring my knee when I was hit by a large dog while out walking I contacted Matt for some advice. Thinking that I had sprained or twisted the knee he quickly diagnosed a possible fat pad impingement.
His manner was calm and friendly, yet highly knowledgeable and professional. After a thorough consultation and some tests he treated the injured knee and taped it to make movement more manageable. The treatment was again calmly administered, constantly taking note of any painful areas or discomfort. Matt also gave me some useful tips on exercises to do at home. While treating the injury I also asked Matt for advice on a 20 year old injury to my other knee which has heavily restricted movement, he was very helpful and I already am seeing a difference in the amount of movement I have.
Thanks Matt, you have made a hobbling person much more comfortable, I would (and will be) recommending you to all!’

After struggling for a couple of weeks with what I thought was sciatica, I finally gave in & sought some treatment!

I was very impressed with the service Matt provided. He was incredibly thorough in my initial assessment and was quick to diagnose the problem (not sciatica!). Matt was extremely knowledgable & explained everything clearly. He made me feel relaxed, despite the uncomfortableness of some of the treatment! Matt also offered a range of exercises that I can do at home with a good old tennis ball to continue to improve my symptoms. I’m glad to report that after just one session the pain & discomfort has already eased.

Id have no hesitation in recommending Matt to others. Thank you!’

‘Matt is my go to man for a solution to any ache or pain! Great sports therapy treatment with sound advice at a reasonable price. 10/10 would recommend!’