Go for a brisk walk!

and get the heart pumping
Ok, hand on heart; do you get enough exercise? Do you walk fast enough? I must admit that I don’t always do enough – some weeks I do great, others, not so.

You may have seen in the news recently, that about 6 million middle-aged people in England are endangering their health by not taking so much as a brisk walk once a month. Apparently 41% of adults aged 40 to 60 walk less than 10 minutes continuously each month at a brisk pace of at least 3mph.

Public Health England said such a lack of exercise increases an individual’s risk of prematurely developing serious health conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer. A sobering thought.

Don’t be too down-hearted though. It’s easy to start making a difference. You don’t have to ‘pump iron’ to improve your fitness. A brisk walk daily (outdoors or on the treadmill) or a couple of swims a week is a great place to start. It can also be a great excuse to be social and catch up with friends. Some members meet here for a swim and then relax afterwards in the Aqua Spa or with a coffee in the Brasserie. We also have some fun classes too including Aqua Aerobics and Pilates where you can have a giggle and get your heart pumping.

Our Nature Trail here at China Fleet with a winding path down to the river is a great walk – why not give it a go and see how fast you can do it!

So, if you do one thing this weekend, go for a brisk walk.

See you next week & see you at the Club soon,


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