Children's Summer Experiences

NEW Experiences
Open to ALL
Monday 22nd July - Friday 30th August 2019
Get adventurous with some Bushcraft activities,
juggle, stilt walk and plate spin in our circus skills sessions,
or release your inner scientist in Weird science!

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8-12 years

Fun, practical and realistic bushcraft and survival with den building, fire starting & outdoor activities. Please wear old clothes and closed shoes.


8-15 years

Archery is one of those sports that everybody loves. You can develop the basic skills of Target Archery and then get a  little more adventurous with some field archery.  Please wear old clothes and closed shoes.

Disc Golf

7-12 years

An exciting, easy to learn sport. The aim of the game is to throw a Disc (frisbee) from a start point – the Tee, to a finish point – a basket.


Weird Science

5-12 years

Release your inner scientist with rockets, chemical reactions & illusions, electricals, bridge & boat building and more. Please wear old clothes. 



Circus Skills 

5-12 years

Exciting circus activities including; plate spinning, ribbon twirling, juggling and more. Please wear closed shoes.


Tri Golf

5-12 years

Try out golf using plastic equipment and soft balls with lots of games and fun. The Second part of the session will take place on the driving range/practice green. Please wear closed shoes.

Arts & Crafts and Fun Swim

5-12 years

Get creative! Build, paint and create in this session. Please wear old clothes and bring a bag to put your masterpieces in.

Fun games in the pool, with floats and inflatables (Instructors are in the pool during this session)


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Session 1:

Member – £10.00

Non Member – £12.00

Session 2:

Member – £5.00

Non Member – £6.00

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