Month: October 2019

5 Stress-Busting Tips

Stressed?  Well, you are not alone.  Apparently, 85% of adults in the UK experience stress regularly, however it’s crucial to find easy solutions to manage it. Wednesday 6th November is National Stress Awareness Day –…

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Pumpkins are good for the soul

October the 31st is fast approaching …and for many, it’s a scary one.  No, not Brexit – although that is scary – but Halloween! Halloween consists of ghosts and ghouls, fancy dress parties and of…

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Let’s talk about Menopause!

Menopause is a fact of life for women, however, until recently, it was something that wasn’t talked about – even privately.  For previous generations, it was never mentioned and was surrounded by embarrassment, even shame….

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Mental Health & Exercise

Did you know that today is World Mental Health Day?  The goal of the day is to raise mental health awareness and how we can all help take care of ourselves and those around us,…

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Warm-up this Winter

There are in excess of 1500 hours of sunshine each year in Cornwall, making it one of the sunniest areas within the UK. We also benefit from the mildest climates all year round, due to…

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