Month: November 2018

Give your swing an MOT!

Winter is here and for the keen golfers amongst us, that means less time out on the golf course. During these quieter times, it’s important to keep practising your swing and although rain can stop…

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Encourage a little ‘he-time’

November is all about men. Men’s health, men’s charities and male role models. And why not, after all, us women get a lot of focus and events throughout the year! Every November, men grow moustaches…

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Try our new Cornish Tea & Coffee!

Sometimes there really is nothing better than a hot cup of tea or coffee….which is why we’re overjoyed to be stocking tasty products from the wonderful Cornish Tea & Coffee Company! Locally-based Cornish Tea &…

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Add to our poppy carpet

This Sunday November 11 marks 100 years since the end of World War One. In this exceptional centenary year, we’re contributing to local commemorations happening in Saltash to remember those who served, sacrificed and changed…

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Book your Gym Journey!

New one to one sessions available We’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand new gym inductions and focus sessions this month at China Fleet Country Club, Saltash. Our exciting, new Gym Journey programmes are aimed at all…

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